Durable, quality wood products that we take pride in.


Welcome to our shop. We are a husband and wife team who own and operate a custom woodworking shop in Weyburn Saskatchewan since 2008.  After a career of big city Architecture we decided to settle in Weyburn  to raise our two kids and be closer to the land and community. Raushana and I have very similar design esthetics and we collaborate on every furniture item design, look and feel with a nod to our signature Mid Century Modern theme.

Dave who has been doing woodwork for 40 years and is also a graduate of Carleton University School of Architecture, runs design and the production side of the business ensuring all the machinery is working at best performance and keeps the thousands of board feet of wood rolling through he shop.  Raushana runs the day to day orders and shipping and ensures that we always have the next job in queue to maximize our small shop efficiently.  Our employees are very skilled, able to switch to any task with ease or any machine or hand work without missing a beat..  Ruslan and Rumina, our children, when not in University or playing Pro Waterpolo, pitch in whenever they get a chance and full time during summer vacation.  We also hire a few summer students and participate in a youth at risk employment opportunity.

Our team means everything to us, not only for their skills and dedication but to their great personalities and wonderful families.  We could not do this without them.Our online shop is our way of offering some of the unique things that we make.

Everything that leaves our shop has been carefully fitted, sanded, matched for colour and grain and hand finished and we take great pride in ensuring that the product you receive is the best quality for the money.