Care guide for all our products.

Use and care:

Plant Stand

All of our plant stands are assembled using a water resistant glue.  However this does not mean they are waterproof! Please, if you want to have them outside you must take care that they do not get wet in the rain at all.  The fit of the crossbar notches are so tight that with added humidity you may not get them together or apart.
The finish process we use is a final hand sanding to 220 grit. The stands are then immersed in mineral oil and then allowed to drip overnight.  We use a final coat of our own blend of waxes including a very hard micro-crystalline paraffin blended with beeswax, mineral oil, linseed oil and turpentine as the solvent.
Should you damage or scratch or splash water on the stand and it needs a bit of finishing, simply use a very fine 320 sandpaper or even a ultrafine scotchbrite pad.  Wipe on some common mineral oil and then use any solid wood paste wax and buff. Contact us if you need additional instructions.
Water can damage the finish so make sure you use a pot which either does not have a drain hole or at least use a plate underneath as you will have to protect the wood from water damage as best you can.
When picking up the stand, place your hand under the crossbars at the center and pick the stand up holding everything together.  Don't pick up the stand by grabbing onto the top of the legs.  Do not slide the stand sideways. Pick up the stand from below the pot even if you have to move it over an inch! These stands can hold lots of weight vertically but they are not designed to slide around.

Berkey Stand

Berkey stands are very strong for vertical loads but they do not like racking moments such as adding a new water bottle of you have a ceramic type dispenser, so be careful.

Cutting Board Care

Your cutting board will last for years if you take good care of it. Although the glue we use is waterproof and food safe it is not indestructible.  Do not put the board in the dishwasher or let is soak in the water in the sink as it may delaminate.  After a light washing or rinsing, stand it up to dry.  If it is on the countertop most of the time, flip the board periodically to keep the moisture content balanced to prevent warping.

To keep the board fresh use a light coat of mineral oil when it begins to look a bit dry.  Dont use any vegetable oil as it will go rancid.